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Competitive landscape and the need for Lone Workers on Solar Farms

Being an independent, high-quality O&M provider in the solar industry is challenging: Due to pricing pressures in all aspects of designing, building and operating a solar asset, conversations with our clients often revolve around the scope of work and the manpower required to deliver the defined scope. Combining these aspects, it is clear that we cannot waste time or resources, e. g. on travel time.

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Luxcara and ENcome extend great cooperation in the UK with another 28 MWp in France

After many years of cooperation in the United Kingdom, Luxcara also began to collaborate with ENcome on ground-mounted PV systems with a total output of 28 MWp in France last summer. Following ENcome’s successful market entry in France in 2014 and the successful merger with KBE in 2018, the focus of the service offering is on technical operations management ("O&M") and engineering & advisory for PV systems.

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