Operations & Maintenance (O&M)

Our offer in the field of Operations & Maintenance of PV power plants comprises technical, commercial and infrastructural services.

Monitoring & Control

Your PV power plant will be continuously monitored by our professional monitoring & control centre team, which is staffed 24/7. This allows for timely detection of disruptions and errors. Hence, countermeasures can be initiated immediately. Consequently, your energy yield will be optimised as down times are minimised.

Information & Reporting

You receive monthly, quarterly and/or annual performance reports including deviation analysis and maintenance protocols. Moreover, you have access to our proprietary monitoring portal “ENcome Energy Monitor” that provides you with all necessary information to closely follow the performance of your PV power plants. Additionally, our plant managers remain at your disposal for any questions you might have.

Inspection & Preventive Maintenance

Electrical equipment needs to be maintained and inspected on a regular basis. This does not only increase your energy yield and your power plant`s safety, it is also mandatory according to certain regulations. We make sure that all requirements are met and act as your responsible operator. As a consequence of preventive maintenance, errors and downtimes can be reduced. Since continuous preventive action is more efficient than costly removal of errors and corrective maintenance, we reduce your operating expenditure and optimize your earnings.

Corrective Maintenance

In case of errors or downtimes, our service team remains at your disposal. We grant you quick reaction times in order to minimize downtimes and maximise your earnings.

Performance Optimization & Safety

We optimize the performance of your power plants via additional measures specifically targeted to your requirements. From module cleaning to green keeping our service team allows for a continuously high energy yield of your power plant. Furthermore, we care for secure operations and compliance with the health & safety requirements. If necessary, we also take over actions that refer to the duty of care, such as snow clearance, the repair of force majeur or vandalism defects, etc.

Management of Interfaces

PV power plant operation requires the management of interfaces with many stakeholders. Thus, we support your negotiations with property owner, grid operator, insurance company, EPC, component manufacturer, etc. Because we care.