Revamping projects on the rise: ENcome strengthens its presence in Italy


ENcome Energy Performance, a prominent provider of O&M and Revamping services, is actively contributing to the enhancement of Italy's solar energy infrastructure. Several successful revamping projects mark the company's progress in this regard.

1. Piemonte Region Ignited by New 1 MWp Rooftop Site 

ENcome has completed a state-of-the-art 1 MWp rooftop solar site in the Piemonte region. This site will be integrated into ENcome's O&M portfolio, which already includes 100 MWp of assets in the same area. The achievement underscores ENcome's commitment to expanding Italy's solar capacity and ensuring the continuous operation of solar installations. 

2. Pioneering Module Revamping in Puglia Region 

In the picturesque Puglia region, ENcome has initiated module revamping activities in three projects. With its expertise, the company's team identified and resolved issues, negotiated with module manufacturers, and commenced on-site revamping activities. This initiative optimizes the performance of solar modules, demonstrating ENcome's dedication to ensuring the longevity and efficiency of solar assets. 

3. ENcome Powers Up Commissioning for Global Utilities in Italy 

ENcome is actively involved in commissioning multiple 4.4 MWp SMA central inverters for one of the world's leading utilities. This project, once completed, will generate over 80 MWp nominal capacity. The collaboration highlights ENcome's global impact and commitment to fostering sustainable energy solutions on an international scale. 

These projects reflect ENcome's dedication to advancing solar energy efficiency, sustainability, and performance. As Italy pursues its renewable energy goals, ENcome further solidifies its position as a key player in the solar energy sector.