Competitive landscape and the need for Lone Workers on Solar Farms


Being an independent, high-quality O&M provider is challenging. Especially in remote locations with large solar installations, it is necessary to rely on a permanent resource on site or close to the site. In the case of a commercial or industrial roof, we have a similar situation.

If there are no specific rules on site, the solar technicians work alone, unless of course technical norms and procedure do not allow the task to be executed by only one technician. There is no industry standard. The wind industry with its GWO training demand in most cases, currently seem to be a step ahead of solar.

Due to a lack of industry standard, ENcome has created and implemented its own WHS process. The purpose of this procedure is to ensure the safety, health, and security of all ENcome Energy Performance workers who are working alone or isolated.

The procedure, which is being used on sites throughout Europe and Australia, defines the responsibilities of all participants as well as the risk control measures like authorization, workers wellbeing, communication systems, safe operation procedures and trainings.

Further, the team worked on emergency responds and incident management definitions and sub-processes. The testing and usage of a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) device, which provides a critical, life-saving line of communication when travelling beyond the boundaries of cell service belong equally to the daily routine, as the check in check out process with the 24/7 available colleagues at the competence center monitoring (CCM) in Austria. 

“CCM is now a pivotal partner for monitoring our site personnel and their well-being. It has had a very positive effect for the Solar Asset Managers, knowing a Controller is monitoring, and will contact them if there is a problem with their technicians in the field.”, says Jeane Crane, WHS Manager at ENcome Australia.

At ENcome, we test and challenge ourselves to have the highest possible quality of service. Therefore, a recent test of the lone worker procedure, where our site staff was advised not to answer to the CCM anymore was planned and executed, of course without the CCM team knowing. The result, as expected was a great success. 

With our procedures and the involvement of all team members, as well as the constant development of the procedure itself, the ENcome family is sure that we can guarantee the safety of our employees despite the price pressure in the market. However, if a task cannot be carried out safely, it will never be carried out by anyone alone.

About ENcome Energy Performance
The ENcome Group is a leading independent service provider for the technical operation of photovoltaic plants and offers corresponding engineering and consulting services. In the operational management of the entrusted power plants, the ENcome Group's service focuses on maximising availability, production output as well as long-term value creation.

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