ENcome supports charitable solar project in Guatemala


This year, once again, ENcome decided to support a charitable solar project instead of sending out presents or Christmas cards: Our donation goes to the PowerOneForOne Foundation to sustain the “Casa Guatemala”, a children’s village in Central America. The project aims to finance a solar roof system to provide the orphanage with clean and affordable electricity and will bring Casa Guatemala closer to their goal of becoming self-sufficient.

Casa Guatemala has operated for the last 30 years as a children’s village that cares for up to 300 of Guatemala’s most vulnerable children at any time. Over the course of their existence, Casa Guatemala has provided a home, education and healthcare to thousands placed in their care by the Ministry of Child Welfare.   

Due to the isolation of the location, Casa Guatemala has never had access to electricity other than that which they can generate themselves with diesel generators. With the increasing cost of diesel, Casa Guatemala realized that this is not a sustainable solution for their energy needs. Thus, they are now seeking the funding needed to install a solar panel system that will provide sufficient energy for the entire project. The first phase of the project was completed with the installation of 14 solar panels in 2013. However, the system was struck by lightning and 3 panels, the inverter and 16 batteries broke. So far, the inverter and batteries have been replaced, but the system is still not fully functioning. Casa Guatemala is seeking funding to replace the 3 panels that were destroyed, repair the current wiring system and increase the number of panels so that the dependency on the diesel generator is reduced.   

ENcome is delighted to sustain this great initiative and help improve the lives of the children in Guatemala. ‘We see the support of social projects as a matter of course and our duty and thank the PowerOneForOne Foundation for their tireless work’ says Jörg Christiansen, CEO of ENcome Group.  

Find more information about the projects of the PowerOneForOne Foundation here: https://www.poweroneforone.org/projects                                             

About ENcome:
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